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We carry some of the most common woven fabrics including:

Denim: It is most commonly known for its use as jeans but this is one of the most versatile fabrics out there and it can be used for apparel, decor, tote bags and many other crafts because of its durability.

Fleece: Soft hand and it can be used for pants and baby items but it also works as a cleaning fabric or to create beanies or scarfs to protect from the cold.

Chiffon: Sheer and lightweight fabric most commonly used for women’s wear. It can be a little tricky to sew.

Rayon challis: Soft hand with a nice drape and it can be used for harem pants, skirts, dresses, tops, scarves and many other apparel items and accessories.

Poplin: This fabric has a medium weight and it can be used for medical uniforms, shirting, home decor like tablecloths or pillows.

Taffeta: Crisp surface, smooth and shiny and it is used a lot in evening wear like dresses.

Organza: Lightweight and sheer but with firmness to it. This fabric has gained a lot of popularity to be used in party decoration where they use it to make things like bows for the chairs or accents for the tables.

Satin: 100% poly smooth, glossy and opaque.

Linen: One of the best fabrics to use for apparel since it is considered to be safe for all types of skin and helps avoid irritation in sensitive skin.

Chiffon Georgette: Sheer, flowy and with great drape which makes it a perfect fabric for women’s tops, lined skirts and dresses, etc.

Silk: Soft and very beautiful this fabric can be used for dresses, tops and scarves which will look very luxurious and classy.

Crepe de chine: Lightweight, great drape and with the classic crepe face. It is a nice and lightweight fabric perfect for dresses or tops.

Silky satin: Lightweight, smooth and shiny with a nice drape.

Microfiber: This is the most used fabric for swim trunks but it can also be used to make children jackets and baby pants or shorts.

Our collection of woven fabrics is perfect for all your sewing needs. We offer a wide variety of high-quality woven fabrics, ranging from classic cotton to luxurious silk. Our fabrics are durable, versatile, and come in a variety of colors and textures. Whether you’re making a dress, shirt, or home decor, we have the perfect woven fabric for you.

Here at our Woven Fabric section, you can find both solid and print styles. Woven Fabric can be used for home decor, crafts, quilting, skirts, dresses, jackets and other apparel creations among many other items that do not require a stretchy fabric.

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